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From one cir clerk with sever allergies esp to cig smoke to all those who smoke:

a county library provides all kinds of resources at the minimal fee of property taxes you are already paying, book sales from books removed from our collections for various reasons, other contributions such as friends of the libraries type organization bonds from tax payers passed by tax payers.

It's really fucking rude to barrow materials that I have to touch an by way of touching have no choice to smell when it's soaked in the scent of cigs. It makes my nose run, my eyes and throat itch, and makes my hands stink. It makes the materials stink for everyone else that wants to check them out or has to handle them. The library has to pay to replace the item if it's bad enough, and depending on what the item is, it also helps degrade the items shelf life.

If you want to take this personally go ahead, but I can't say it to the people who do this because I'm in a service based field and the customer/patron is always right. If I had my say I would find a way to revoke the library rights of the persons who keep doing that. But as I've pointed out tax payers are what afford me the income I have and I have no say,

Still, it's nasty. I am friends of people who smoke, I've had house mates who smoked (but not inside). But one does not need to smoke to live, you won't die if you don't smoke, so please, if you are going to around a book, or around books on tapes/cds which are in bags that soak up the smell of smoke, and trust me it's pretty difficult removing the scent of smoke form a plasti bag and it's expensive to replace them, then at least give the curtosy to us non-smokers to smoke on YOUR materials and not on public or even private(colleges ect) collections.


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