Feb. 4th, 2013

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This is just a cut and paste from FB that I plan to edit and update when I have more time:

I don't understand how the pediatricians missed that Lilith has such an extremely tight tongue tie on both the lower and upper lips. Now that I know what I am looking at it's obvious to me, I knew something was wrong because of how shallow the latch was, but it was unclear what the problem was. It is what has caused Nipple blanching and vasospasm for my nipples but I didn't connect that with the pain and just thought huh my nipples look weird, oh well. Glad it's not thrush though like we though! My personal doctors PA even though it might be mastitis. I mean, this was so simple and totally missed by people who just dismissed me by saying, just stop using the nipple shield and her mouth looks that way because she sucked funny in the womb! Had my supply not been so awesome she could have lost a lot of weight and gotten very ill! I am SO pissed!

We see a doctor about the tongue tie and the upper lip frenulum issues on Wednesday I tried to see if their were other bottles on the market that had a nipple that made things easier for her. So far, none seem to be better :/ Currently she is still going to the beast, then I pump and she get's some milk from a bottle since she can't get it all out for herself and it causes me a lot of discomfort. She much prefers the breast to a bottle, but it breaks my heart to see her have difficultly latching to either :/


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