May. 23rd, 2011

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Writing this from Bozeman, Montana where we are stopped for the night on the way to Fort Collins, Colorado. We have about another 500 miles to do tomorrow, maybe it's 600, we should hopefully make it by the evening sometime.

I wish Stephen was sleepy, instead of awake and poking me with his fingers and toes while trying to stick rocks through my arms and under my legs. My dad has purchased separate rooms both last night and tonight which is probably good for him because at least one of us is able to get a full 8 hours of sleep. Stephen falls asleep fine on his own, but even if I turn off the lights and all that he stays awake until he is super tired.

Jeramy sent me a quick e-mail from Iraq yesterday, I didn't get it until today. I have been having really strange dreams about him every night since he left. He says we may not be able to skype at all and that he will be on night shift, but we are hoping to have some connection. He asked for towels and some pictures of me and Stephen thus far, but didn't provide and address yet. I miss him a lot to say the least. Stephen has said multiple times today "daddy, home!" and "daddy!" in a sad voice. I say "daddy is at work" and then we hug or kiss his daddy doll and that seems to do the trick at least for now. 6 months is going to be a long time, and it will be even longer if they extend the deployment through Feb which had been talked about.

oh well.

and, this whole thing sucks, I'm totally going to be dramatic and say I feel like I have a gaping hole in my chest and that I am missing a piece of myself. blah.

I've also been having dreams that I think are my thoughts trying to wrestle with what is going on.


postmodern_hysteric: revelations of the dark mother (Default)

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